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Taking Flight: News from the Center for Injury and Violence Prevention

Taking Flight is the tri-annual newsletter from the Center for Violence and Injury Prevention at Washington University’s Brown School.  Each issue provides updates on the impact of Center activities, and provides perspective on developments in violence and injury prevention locally, regionally, and nationally.

Download Issue 16: Spring 2015: Violence Prevention in Indian Country

Download Issue 15: Winter 2015: School-Based Interventions for Violence Prevention

Download Issue 14: Fall 2014: Parenting

Download Issue 13: Spring 2014: Bullying and Suicide Among Adolescents

Download Issue 12: Winter 2014: Women and Trauma

Download Issue 11: Fall 2013: Transitioning Youth to Healthy Adulthood

Download Issue 10: Spring 2013: Pediatric Injury Prevention

Download Issue 9: Winter 2013: Trauma and Youth Violence

Download Issue 8: Fall 2012 : Suicide Prevention Among the Military

Download Issue 7: Spring 2012: Sexual Violence

Download Issue 6: Winter 2012: Intimate Partner Violence and Hospital-Based Interventions

Download Issue 5: Fall 2011: Interventions on Parenting Skills

Download Issue 4: Spring 2011: Violence Prevention for Adolescent Girls with Prior Maltreatment

Download Issue 3: Winter 2011: School Based Suicide Prevention

Download Issue 2: Fall 2010: Intimate Partner Violence and Veterans

Download Issue 1: Spring 2010: Child Maltreatment Prevention


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