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The Center for Violence and Injury Prevention (CVIP) promotes healthy young families and healthy young adults by advancing evidence-based violence prevention through education, research, & training activities. 
Launched in August 2009 with funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (1R49CE001510-01), the Center is the only one of its kind to be housed in a school of social work.  We partner with an interdisciplinary team of researchers and teachers representing multiple universities, and collaborate with community-based agencies already serving our most vulnerable populations. 

Our butterfly represents transformation and symbolizes the developmental aspect of our mission.  We incorporate the colors most frequently used by organizations addressing:

• child abuse and neglect (blue)
• intimate partner violence (purple)
• sexual violence (teal)
• suicide (yellow) 

Melissa Jonson-Reid, PhD
Center Director; Professor, Brown School

Founding and current director of CVIP
Dr. Jonson-Reid studies prevention of and outcomes associated with child abuse and neglect. Particular interests include innovative means of enhancing the outcomes of existing home visitation efforts, the influence of services and policy change on longer term outcomes for children with histories of abuse or neglect.


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