11 Injury Control Research Centers advocate for further investment in injury prevention 
Recently, directors of America’s 11 Injury Control Research Centers (ICRCs) presented a fact sheet to Congressional leaders that called for further investment in injury prevention research. The ICRCs’ message is supported by the burden that injuries place on medical expenditures and public wellbeing. Additionally, the fact sheet presents Americans’ desire for further injury prevention research. The ICRCs succinctly describe how the Centers work with community-level practitioner to foster the development and evaluation of evidence-based interventions. The fact sheet concludes with a call for funding to increase to a level that equips ICRCs to tackle and block the large problems that injuries pose to our society. The ICRCs also call for more comprehensive injury prevention training for researchers and practitioners and “… a national campaign reframing injury prevention so that the public comes to expect safety in the same way it expects clean water and clean air”.