First Cohort of CVIP Masters Certificate Students Graduate 

The CVIP’s first cohort of Masters Certificate students graduated this May. The Masters Certificate Program is a package of courses, training opportunities and field experience that is focused on child abuse and neglect, parenting, partner violence and injury prevention in young families. This cohort includes one MPH student, Kristina Finney, and three MSW students: Laura DiLeo, Aubrey Edwards-Luce, and Elizabeth Vogl. All of these students received a certificate in Violence Prevention in Young Families, however they each have a unique set of interests including: child maltreatment, childhood trauma, the child welfare system, educational access, prevention programs for at-risk families, pediatric injury prevention, educational initiatives for underprivileged youth, and the intersections of law, policy and family violence.

These students have worked on a range of projects affiliated with the Center. Laura DiLeo worked as a research interviewer for Wendy Auslander’s study on Violence Prevention for Adolescent Girls with Prior Maltreatment, Aubrey-Edwards Luce has worked as a Research Assistant for the CVIP, Kristina Finney has shadowed the clinic of BCVIP Co-Director John Constantino, and Elizabeth Vogl has worked on a Center affiliated research project for The SPOT.

The certificate students each have diverse future plans following graduation. Laura DiLeo will be working as a Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Social Worker for the Children’s Home Society of Missouri starting in June. Aubrey Edwards-Luce will be pursuing her J.D. as her career and research interests lay in the intersection of family violence and the law. Kristina Finney will be spending the summer in a clinical research training fellowship at the NIH, returning to St. Louis in the fall to complete research projects as a clinical research coordinator in the WU School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Newborn Medicine. Kristina also plans on applying to doctoral programs for entry in the fall of 2012. Elizabeth Vogl will be finishing up her MSW and has accepted a position as a Case Advocacy Supervisor with CASA of St. Louis County .

The Center for Violence and Injury Prevention is very proud of this first cohort of graduates. Through the knowledge and experience gained through the certificate program and work with the CVIP, along with their own previous experiences, these students will contribute greatly to the field of violence and injury prevention. 

“The CVIP certificate track gave me the opportunity to specialize in child violence and injury prevention, a focus for which I have a real passion. My involvement with Wendy Auslander’s project has allowed me to participate in cutting-edge treatment and research. CVIP has made available many opportunities to work with renowned researchers and scholars in the field of which I am most interested.” – Laura DiLeo, MSW

“The certificate program allowed me to focus my MPH courses into a specialization which was supported by mentoring and an array of research opportunities. This helped me develop a skillset which will help me better serve the children I hope to work with in the future.” – Kristina Finney