CVIP Director Melissa Jonson-Reid Discusses Battling Child Abuse and Neglect in Missouri 
Melissa Jonson-Reid, PhD, professor at the Brown school at Washington University in St. Louis and director of the Center for Violence and Injury Prevention, was interviewed by local news station FOX 2 News on the current state of child abuse and neglect in Missouri. Dr. Jonson-Reid discusses how child abuse and neglect
is not just a social welfare problem, but a public health issue as well that effects us all  and that when it comes to discussing child abuse and neglect our country has the tendency to be reactive rather than have a preventative mindset. She explains that there is no easy cure all, like a vaccine, but that there are a group of risk factors and services that need to be taken into consideration. For Dr. Jonson-Reid the question is not, “What makes abuse happen?” But rather, “How do we support healthy families and how do we make it easier for a parent to parent in an environment that’s not conducive to that?”