Lina Millett is CVIP’s 2012-2013 PhD Scholar 
CVIP has selected Lina Millett as its new PhD Scholar. Her current work with the CVIP involves working on data collection for the Early Childhood Connection Project, data analysis for the Young Adult Outcome Project, and developing grant proposals for child maltreatment secondary and tertiary prevention programs using a home visitation model supplemented by intensive mental health services. In addition to her work with the CVIP, she brings experience working on program evaluation on Child Protective Services practice reform initiatives and Title IV-E waiver child welfare demonstrations. 

Lina is primarily interested in child maltreatment prevention in different community and cultural settings and understanding of child maltreatment etiology in ecological risk and resiliency perspective. She is also interested in how individual, family, community, and policy level factors are associated with different child maltreatment rates, their changes over time, and factor malleability for change in improving child development outcomes. 

Her own dissertation will examine maltreatment prevention (measured by subsequent maltreatment reports and out of home placement) and select family well-being outcomes (involvement in mental health and substance abuse services, and family economic well-being) among non-English primary language speakers (NEPL) and English primary language (EPL) participants in two Minnesota public child welfare prevention programs.  

The CVIP PhD Scholar program is a one-year competitively awarded, paid, transdisciplinary predoctoral training program. It is open to PhD students from Washington University in St. Louis, Saint Louis University, or University of Missouri-St. Louis with research agendas that align with our focus. The program seeks to prepare promising new scholars to continue to pursue cutting edge, real-world research in the area of violence prevention and harm reduction associated with exposure to violence.