May 2012 Certificate Graduates 

The CVIP’s Master’s Certificate program has grown this past year with nine students graduating in May!  Three students graduated with an MPH:  Mary Bocox, Carrie Semar, and Danny Zimmerman; and six students graduated with an MSW:  Jessica Davidson, Tzushin Huang, Mary Chastain, Promita Majumdar, Wei-mei Hung, and Katelen Fortani.  This year’s graduating Master’s Certificate students received a certificate in Adolescent Development for the Prevention of Violence in Young Adulthood.  Mary Bocox, Carrie Semar, Danny Zimmerman, and Katelen Fortani graduated from Saint Louis University.  Jessica Davidson, Tzushin Huang, Mary Chastain, Promita Majumdar, and Wei-mei Hung graduated from Washington University in St. Louis.

Jessica Davidson will be serving in the Peace Corps and hopes to work with at risk adolescents and/or adolescents as they age out of the foster care system throughout her career .  Tzushin Huang wants to work with people who experience complex trauma, especially immigrants and refugees.  Mary Bocox would like to improve the overall well-being of adolescents to help them become productive members of society.  Danny Zimmerman hopes to work for a child health advocacy and outreach department of a children’s hospital developing programs and advocating for policies to improve adolescent health.  Mary Chastain accepted a post-MSW graduate training fellowship at the Yale Child Study Center working on the IICAPS intervention team.  Promita Majumdar hopes to work with children living in disadvantaged communities or conditions who are also victims of child maltreatment and neglect.  Carrie Semar hopes to work as a coordinator for adolescent health education programs.  Wei-mei Hung hopes to bring the experiences of working with evidence-based practices related to trauma to Taiwan.  Katelen Fortani plans to continue her work at Chestnut Health Systems Inc. with a focus on incarcerated populations and parenting.

The CVIP is extremely proud of its growing Master’s Certificate student program and its recent May 2012 graduates.  The field of violence and injury prevention has gained knowledgeable and experienced individuals that will truly change the field.