Missouri Ask Listen Refer Program 

​Partners in Prevention announce the start of a new online suicide prevention education program called Missouri Ask Listen Refer. With the high rates of suicide in the state of Missouri, this 24 hours/day program focuses on and teaches professionals, college campuses, and all Missouri residents how to ASK if somebody is thinking about suicide, actively LISTEN to their thoughts and feelings, and REFER them to a professional. It allows learners to gain knowledge about and recognize the warning signs of suicide, local resources, and sample conversations. It only takes 15-20 minutes to complete and will better equip institutions and resources in assisting anyone considering suicide. For more information about the Missouri Ask Listen Refer suicide prevention education program, the press release can be found at http://pip.missouri.edu/docs/PDFs/MoALR_Press%20_Release_Nov2012.pdf. The program can be accessed at http://moasklistenrefer.org/