New Research and Evaluation FAQ Tool 
CVIP is pleased to announce a new Research and Evaluation FAQ document.  We recognize that many agencies and organizations are seeking ways to engage in research and / or evaluation activities either related to established programs or the desire to seek funding for new approaches.   While it is not possible to provide technical assistance to each individual organization, we believe there are some essential tips and tools that can be useful to everyone.
The FAQs and responses were developed with the helpful input of our Field Agency Advisory Board as a way to extend our ability to build capacity in our region.  This document includes a series of helpful hints and guidelines to guide you through the process of developing an evaluation or research project. Topics include:• Where to find background literature on your area of interest
• Federal and regional data sources for conducting needs assessments
• Finding evidence-based programs or practices related to your area of interest
• How to create research questions and objectives
• How to determine an appropriate research design for evaluating your program
• How to choose or develop accurate measurement tools
• How to disseminate information about your project or program
• Information for finding and selecting appropriate grants
• Ways you can collaborate with and/or get support from the CVIPWhenever possible we have included links to additional helpful information from reliable sites that offer data or review evidence, or provide established guidelines.  Please check out this new tool here!