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Research & Evaluation Assistance

Agencies and organizations are becoming more engaged in rigorous evaluation and research efforts.  Sometimes you can do these on your own with some supportive resources. Sometimes the effort requires assistance of an academic or professional evaluator.

We have prepared a guide to walk you through the process of developing an evaluation or research project.  The document provides tips and resources to assist you in each stage of the process.

FAQs: Developing a Research or Evaluation Proposal (Download Full Document)

FAQs: Background Literature

FAQs: Data Sources

FAQs: Evidence-based Practice Programs

FAQs: Research Objectives

FAQs: Developing a Research Design

FAQs: Outcome Evaluations

FAQs: Measures

FAQs: Dissemination

FAQs: Implementation Guides

FAQs: Finding Grants

FAQs: Picking the Right Grant

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