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Current Projects Current Projects
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Current Projects
Implementation of Cognitive Processing Therapy in Rape Crisis Centers

This project will use a randomized controlled trial to assess the feasibility and effectiveness of a learning-collaborative as an implementation strategy to advance the use of CPT for treating PTSD in 15 Texas RCCs.

Intervening on Child Neglect: A Micro Simulation Evaluation Model of Usual Care​

This project will use microsimulation methods to model the impact of usual care child welfare services in differing policy and population contexts on maltreatment report recurrence and entry to foster care for children reported for neglect.
Child Maltreatment Postdoctoral Training Institute 

This five-year intensive summer research institute is designed to prepare a new cadre of skilled investigators dedicated to engaging in child abuse and neglect research. 

Design Options for Understanding Child Maltreatment Incidence

The major purpose of the project is to develop design options for a study or set of studies to improve the accurate and ongoing surveillance of the incidence of child abuse and neglect and related risk and protective factors. 
Stressful Social Networks and PTSD as Mediators of Child Abuse and Health Outcomes in Patients with Chronic Pain ​

This study is the first large, longitudinal study of low-income individuals to determine predictors and pathways to early adult violence.

Young Adult Violence - Modifiable Predictors and Pathways ​

This study is the first large, longitudinal study of low-income individuals to determine predictors and pathways to early adult violence.

Comprehensive Approach to Unmet Mental Health Needs of Preschool Children in Foster Care ​

This grant supports and evaluates the integration of supplemental doctoral-level mental health consultation within a foster care team.

Teen pregnancy prevention for youth in foster care​

This funded project provides a medical home and pregnancy prevention to youth ages 12 to 17 entering foster care in the metropolitan region.

Buffering Toxic Stress​

Children are at risk of developing toxic stress response when chronic stressors are paired with an absence of supportive and responsive caregiving. 

Enhancing Nurse Home Visiting to Address Vulnerabilities and Prevent Maltreatment ​

In collaboration with Nurses for Newborns, this study addresses issues of maternal and child well-being with significant public health relevance, specifically child abuse and injury prevention, and reducing post-partum maternal depression and stress. 

Enhancing system response to sexually abused children​

The Trauma Recovery Program will work to improve access to clinically appropriate and evidence-supported assessment and intervention for patients and families where sexual abuse has likely occurred.
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