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CVIP Virtual Data Clinics

April 1, 2021
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

The Center for Violence and Injury Prevention is proud to present a virtual data clinic series for early researchers this spring on the first Thursday of each month at 2:00pm CST. The purpose of these clinics is to give folks an opportunity to receive feedback and consultation on research topics from the CVIP team. These Data Clinics are intended to encourage informal discussion and reflection; anyone with an interest in the CVIP’s research can attend, participate, and learn!

Virtual Data Clinics – Spring 2021 Schedule:

DateTopic and Researcher
02/04/21Linking engagement in sex work and typologies of gender-based violence: Exploratory analysis among substance-involved women in Kyrgyzstan
Melissa Meinhart
03/04/21Physical violence perpetrated against children by family members and public authority figures and mental health outcomes in Haiti
Luissa Vahedi
04/01/21Child Abuse, Intimate Partner Violence and Mother-Child Relationships
Shuya Lin, MSW Student

Interested? Register Now!
If you are interested in attending or presenting at a future event, please email Melissa Arnold and Melissa Meinhart. A reoccurring calendar event with Zoom link will be sent to those who register.

Who can present or attend?
Anyone! The Data Clinic is open to research at any stage of development, as the presenter will refine the focus of discussion. Potential topics include: developing a research question or hypothesis, reviewing measurement or variable selection, discussing methodological or analytical considerations, interpreting results, addressing limitations, refining discussions or recommendations, working with complex datasets or mixed models, deciding on an imputation strategy or sensitivity testing, among others. Relevant presentation materials will be shared in advance to the group (e.g. results tables, abstracts, etc.). Attendees will be encouraged to review the materials ahead of time but it is not required.

Roles of presenters and attendees:
This is a great opportunity for CVIP researchers to engage in an informal presentation to discuss research in progress, receive constructive feedback, and engage with others from the CVIP team. Each presenter will have between 20-30 minutes to present and foster dialogue. If interested, the Data Clinic team is happy to work with presenters to design an engaging format for presentations. The Data Clinic will also provide an opportunity for attendees to learn more about the research agenda at CVIP, broaden personal research capacities, and contribute to the development of ongoing research initiatives.