Tonya E. Edmond, Ph.D.
Co-Director, CVIP
Associate Dean for Social Work & Professor
Provost Faculty Fellow

Prior to coming into academia, I practiced as a social worker for 15 years in domestic violence and rape crisis centers. As a researcher, I have sought to identify unmet service needs, effective intervention options, and facilitators and barriers to the implementation of evidence based trauma treatments in this service sector. I endeavor to produce research that practitioners can use to improve the quality of trauma informed services and more rapidly reduce the adverse consequences of trauma. I am currently the Principal Investigator of a Department of Justice funded study testing the effectiveness of a learning collaborative as an implementation strategy to enhance the use of Cognitive Processing Therapy in rape crisis centers.

Dr. Lindsay Stark

Co-Director, CVIP

Associate Professor of Social Work and Public Health

I am delighted to be in my second year here at the Brown School after eight years on faculty at Columbia University’s Department of Population and Family Heath. My research focuses on reducing violence, abuse and exploitation against women and children in humanitarian emergencies and development contexts around the globe. I am currently partnering with UNICEF to develop costing methodologies to advocate for increased investment in gender-based violence programming in emergencies. I am also Principal Investigator on a new grant with CARE to build the evidence base for Safe Space programming for women and girls, with an initial focus on Syria and Ethiopia. I look forward to bringing a global perspective to complement the ongoing local and national focus of the Center.