Sheronnabah Harvey is the Spring 2015 Stipend Award Winner! 
One of the educational goals of the Center for Violence and Injury Prevention (CVIP) is to encourage certificate students in their pursuit of practicum experiences in CVIP foci areas. In assisting with such practicum experiences a $750 support stipend will be awarded to a certificate student engaging in practicum experiences  in the area of child maltreatment prevention or intervention. These awards are made available due to the generous financial gifts of CVIP donors.

The recipient of this years stipend is Sheronnabah Harvey. Sheronnabah is an
advanced standing MSW student at Washington University in St. Louis, a 
Buder Center Scholar, and is completing a Center for Violence and Injury 
Prevention Certificate in the Alaska Native/American Indian track. This stipend will help her as she begins her practicum at the Denver Indian Family Resource Center where she will focus on child maltreatment prevention and intervention efforts.

Congratulations to Sheronnabah!